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With a 45 year history and close to a million listeners, As It Happens is one of the longest running and arguably most important radio programs in Canada. It has been hosted by some of Canada's most distinquished broadcast journalists from Barbara Frum to Michael Enright, and most recently, Carol Off. In this interview Carol speaks about her beginnings as a journalist, her teenage years spent on the road, and the diminishing role of public space and institutions in Canada.

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Linden MacIntyre, A co-host of CBC TV's The Fifth Estate, has had a distinguished career as a reporter, and is considered by many to be one of Canada's best investigative journalists. In this interview he reflects on his life and career, from growing up in rural Cape Breton and his years as a newspaper reporter, to his time covering stories overseas.

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A co-host of CBC TV's The Fifth Estate, Linden MacIntyre has had a distinguished career as a reporter spanning decades and is considered by many to be one of Canada's best investigative journalists. In this interview he reflects on his life and career, from growing up in rural Cape Breton, and his years as a newspaper reporter, to his time covering stories overseas.

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The host of CBC Radio's Day 6, Brent Bambury's career in broadcasting is one that has truly run the gamut. From hosting the underground music program Brave New Waves, to being a local sportscaster, Brent has done it all. In this interview Brent speaks about his remarkably varied career in radio and TV, and the eclectic interests and strong sense of curiosity that have propelled him forward throughout his life and work.

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Our extended conversation with Stuart McLean, host of CBC Radio's The Vinyl Cafe

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Stuart McLean has been a familiar voice on the Canadian airwaves for decades. This celebrated broadcaster and storyteller behind The Vinyl Cafe shares insights into his life and career - from his days growing up in Montreal and his struggles with school, to making the leap into storytelling, and his passionate belief in the Canadian experiment.

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As the host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, Bob McDonald has been our guide into the quirky, strange, and unbelievable world of scientific research and discovery. The long time broadcaster speaks about the remarkable journey he followed in becoming a science journalist, his philosophy into the importance of science, and the wonder with which he sees the universe and our place in it.

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As a longtime correspondent for CBC's The National, Adrienne Arsenault has reported on some of the most critical stories and events not only from across Canada, but around the world as well. In this conversation she sheds light on her beginnings as a journalist, how she has been impacted by her reporting abroad, and the unique oddities in lifestyle that come with being a foreign correspondent.

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David Suzuki is not only one of Canada's best known environmentalists and scientists, he is also one of this country's most distinguished broadcasters. The longtime host of The Nature of Things speaks about his life, his early days as a scientist, the importance of public broadcasting, and why communicating science to the general public is so essential.

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CBC Radio 3 host and storyteller Grant Lawrence knows the music industry inside out, having toured with his band the Smugglers for almost two decades before coming to the CBC. Grant shares stories from his touring days, his awkward teenage years when he was tormented by bullies, and what sparked his love for music and storytelling.

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From Morningside to The Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers has been a familiar companion to CBC listeners for decades. In this interview, Shelagh speaks about her childhood growing up in Ottawa, her beginnings in radio at Queen's University, the first time she met Peter Gzowski, and her decades long battle with depression.

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