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A conversation with Dr. Brian Goldman, the host of CBC Radio One's White Coat, Black Art about his beginnings in medicine, his path into becoming one Canada's best known health journalists, and his thoughts on some of the primary issues within the medical profession today.

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A look back on our wide-ranging interview with Linden MacIntyre, who in May announced his plans to retire from the CBC and The Fifth Estate in order to spare the program from worse impacts as a result of the funding cuts.

We speak about his beginnings as a reporter, the challenges facing journalism, and discuss what he describes as the Harper government's mission to "fundamentally reshape Canada"


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IDEAS is one of the most renowned and long-running programs in the history of CBC Radio. Through documentary storytelling it explores topics as diverse as philosophy, history, culture, and politics to science. Since 1999 the program has been hosted by Paul Kennedy. We sat down with Paul to speak about his unlikely beginnings with the CBC, the changing landscape of journalism, and a canoeing adventure down the Mackenzie river.

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Jeffrey Dvorkin has spent most of his professional life in the world of broadcasting and has held senior level positions at both NPR and the CBC. We speak about the challenges facing public broadcasting, and how the CBC could potentially be re-imagined based on the successes of National Public Radio in America.

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Our conversation with storyteller, CBC broadcaster, and all around Canadian renaissance woman, Sook-Yin Lee

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As the host of Metro Morning, the local CBC Radio Toronto morning show, it is Matt Galloway's task to reflect life in Canada's biggest city, and be Torontonians-guide to the politics, culture, and going-ons of the day. We speak about his beginnings in radio, the city he loves, and the idea of radio as community building.

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Mark Starowicz has been the brains behind some of the most legendary CBC news programs of the past few decades, including As It Happens, Sunday Morning, and The Journal. We look back to the reasons why the CBC was first founded, and discuss the state that public broadcasting currently finds itself in.

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Fred Penner, the renowned Canadian children’s performer and beloved television personality behind Fred Penner's place on CBC, speaks about his life growing up in Winnipeg, the TV show that endeared him to a generation, and his belief in the transformative power of music.

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As the host and creator of the CBC Radio program Spark, Nora Young has been our guide to examining technology's impact on culture and society - and the curiosities of navigating life in the 21st century. Now we speak to Canada's technological thinker about her life in journalism, the creation of Spark, and some of the still unanswered questions about our relationship to technology that have her most intrigued.

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